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Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Tale of Three Hedges

Hmm, what to do with an old hedgerow that has gotten out of control . . 

How about making art!

Interesting attempt here, but comically ill-advised. Only a couple of the juniper stems remain alive after a severe reduction/reshaping. Junipers need full sun, and they don't take well to even moderate trimming. Someone with very little knowledge exerted a lot of effort to accomplish something that was doomed to fail.

And then there is the blue spruce . .
Very odd choice for a low hedge, considering it strongly aspires to be a tall tree. This planting is only about five years old. To keep it low, the main leaders were recently cut off half-way ('topped'). Methinks this will suffice for a couple years, but it will soon be impossible to keep the branches from growing into the street without cutting off the green foliage and into bare wood.

This burning bush (Euonymus alata) will manage just fine after its recent haircut. Ideally one would cut back to just above the lateral buds, but sometimes down and dirty will suffice just fine.

With old shrubs and thick stems, one runs a risk that the plant will not tolerate a severe topping. The more vigorous the plant, the better chance of success. 


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