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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pawpaws, magnolia leaves and the new Miller Road

A funny thing happened last week: someone mentioned that they had recently discovered (and enjoyed!) this blog. In recognition of this unusual sign of appreciation, I hereby post a few more pictures and thoughts since I last visited this space in September. You want a post dedicated in your honor? Just send me a note!

Wow! On Sept 20, I saw these pawpaw fruits growing on a tree on Westport off Newport Rd. My pawpaw tree has flowered but has never set fruit. I think the trick is obvious: grow more than one specimen, thus assuring good cross pollination. That's what this individual did. Two of the trees were barren, one was laden. Some of the fruit hung just inches from the ground.
In November I went on a hunt for pawpaw fruit in the wild. My son and I checked many hundreds of stems along the lower Huron River, and found not a one. The trees still had their leaves, but I suppose we very well could have been too late.

Yes, that is a distinct possibility. My recollection is that the fruit is ripe at about the time the leaves drop, but it was a very unusual season: never seen so much leafiness in the trees on a Halloween night.

Hurrah! Miller Road is open again to two-way traffic. A nice feature that was integrated into the upgraded road is the addition of 'rain-gardens' between the sidewalk and street. The idea of course is for these gardens to absorb some of the rain-water that would otherwise all rush into the storm drains. It will be interesting to see how they look mid-season next year. It certainly will require a type of maintenance that cannot be met with a lawn-mower.

And on Lexington in the northeast part of town, I braked for a lone osage-orange in the middle of the road. I got out of my car and did a search for the parent. Couldn't find one. If this were someone's idea of a joke, it would a bit obscure IMHO.