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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30 in my garden

There are two times of the year when I most appreciate mayapple: when they first emerge as ghostly shrouds in the spring, and again in June when the fruit ripens -- eat them when they are at the softest and about to drop from the stem.

Another common native that is great for the woodland garden: dog-tooth violet or trout lily (Erythronium americanum). There is a white-flowered species, but it closes up before I get home from work to photograph it.

The inexpensive Fritillaria uva-vulpis unfortunately is among the least worthy for the garden. Oh, but it is easy to grow -- some keep returning despite being buried under a yard of leaf-mulch and moved repeatedly. It is the second frit to flower in the spring in my garden.

Since I hardly have time to take photographs, I certainly don't have time to figure out which species of Epimedium this one is -- it's the first and only species in flower today, but others are close behind. I think this is one of the very common selections available at your corner grocery.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Close encounters

Welcome back, friends. Finally some spring has sprung. Chorus frog in full choral mode. Snowdrops have melted. So I took some pictures:

Hellebore and Corydalis solida up close;
Add some irises, cyclamen and rocks for
the long shot