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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pasque-flower in the rock garden

The county should consider an initiative requiring all residents to grow at least one pasqueflower (Pulsatilla). I grow a couple, including the red form of the common Pulsatilla vulgaris (photo left), plus a yellow-flowered European Pulsatilla alpina. There are 30 or so other species, including some North American ones, that I have never tried.

I know I have planted a bunch over the years. My experience is that sometimes they don't take, but otherwise they are idiot-proof.

The specimen in the photo is in very well-drained sandy soil surrounded by tufa (collected in Sandusky, OH). The yellow flower at the top of the photo is another euphorb which makes a nice clump in a rock-garden environment. I've forgotten its name, don't have reference materials near by, but I got it from Arrowhead Alpines. It is soft-spoken and seeds around very gently. Happy to have it.

New subject: in December I decorated the Christmas tree with a bright red fruit of Arisaema sikkokianum (an Asian jack-in-the-pulpit). I later washed the seed, sprinkled some around outside, and put a bunch in a flat on the porch. The first seedling showed its head a few days ago. Today I count 11. Anyone want to offer me tips about growing them on from here?

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