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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Call for Contributions

I've done close to 200 posts, each accompanied by Peabody-award-winning photography by yours truly. And I've had about 6 comments and no contributions of consequence. So here is an assignment. I want to hear about three things: 1) Alliums in the garden, 2) hardy cacti in Michigan gardens, and 3) Washtenaw County Parks. If you don't know anything about the first two, go and visit one of the many new county park acquisitions and write something up. I'd like to visit them all, one each week, but I know that will never happen. I happen to live across the street from one of the new parks (thank you all at the parks department for acquiring this parcel!) on Waterloo Rd in Dexter Township. I think the county program is one of the most exciting things happening nature-wise in our region (thank you county residents for approving the millage). It makes me proud and happy to be a resident here. Anyway, take a hike and let the readers of this blog know what you discover.

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  1. As you know, I have commented on your posts, which I always enjoy. I recently visited the West Lake Preserve, the Washtenaw County park on Waterloo Road. It is really lovely. The part of it you initially enter is simply a large open area, but they have put up lots of bird houses and we saw Tree Swallows building nests in the boxes. The wooded area along West Lake is beautiful. Along the path in a high area south of the lake we saw a very large area of native blueberry bushes. We were all surprised to see them in this drier area. Highly recommend this park for a lovely walk.