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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some epimediums (aka barrenworts)

Lots of Epimediums are up, and many more are on the way. If forced I could most likely come up with names for the majority of these, maybe even all. If you are interested in any one in particular, just e-mail and ask. I might even share a piece.

The pictures demonstrate some of the variation in leaf shape and color. One that is not pictured here was selected for bold leaf markings that show up strongly in the fall.

My favorites are probably the ones that send the flowers up a mast way above the foliage, such as the one immediately below. With my limited skill and equipment, these are hardest to photograph.

The yellow selection immediately above is fantastically floriferous. The pink one above and to the right is a common cultivar, very vigorous.


  1. I want these!! I haven't been too successful in finding these for sale. I think they might do well in my dry sandy Chelsea soil.

  2. I bought many from Darrell Probst, Garden Vision Epimediums. I can't find the place on line, but this link,, has some info. They may have closed. He got out of it. His wife(?) took over management a couple years ago. If you e-mail me at we can set up a time for you to visit and I can share some of these with you.