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Monday, March 12, 2012

Now we're talking!

Nothing particularly unusual about any of these plants,  but it is sure nice to see the earth come to life. My 16-year-old cat, whom we thought was a goner only two months ago, was on his back, rolling in the leaves, soaking up the sun. The honeybees in the crocus flowers obviously felt the same. What joy!
Cyclamen, cyclamen, I keep telling people to grow cyclamen. It is remarkable how few people recognize its identity when it is grown in the open garden.
Sweeps of winter aconite, with flowers open so wide they looked ready to burst.
The snowdrops have been up and in flower for a while, but they peaked this weekend.


  1. Cyclamen blooming now? I thought the hardy cyclamen were fall bloomers.

  2. C. coum, with the round leaves, in the spring. C. heterophyllum, with the jaggedy leaves, in the fall. There are other spring-flowering species that experts grow. It is suggested that the bulbs on these be planted very deep.