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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Breaking all April records . . in March

Egads, this has been a difficult two weeks -- mostly trying to get equipment up and running so as to be able to apply fungicides to the crabs and pines of GreenStreet's clients a full month earlier than expected. Before putting the sprayer on the back of one of the pickups, we decided to look under the bedliner to inspect the condition of the truck bed underneath. There was no truck bed to speak of, but a pile of rust fragments. So . . had to find a replacement bed, trailer it to the shop, prep it for painting, get it to a paint shop, upgrade the truck springs, then locate and acquire longer shock absorbers to accommodate the newly lifted bed. And that's just one truck. The phone is ringing constantly. Some clients are still hoping to get their oaks trimmed before the end of the dormant season.

At home I'm still raking up the leaves from last fall. Ran into this nice color(less)-form of Corydalis solida. Decided to try and cull out all the weak pink ones which make up the bulk of these plants. Every now and new I come across a good deep red. Should I try and move it into a nicer location now? How will I remember to move it later? 

a terrible photo, but hopefully you get the idea . .
The lovely shrub Corylopsis pauciflora is in bloom in my garden. I have two specimens that I almost lost entirely during a cold winter some years ago. Was hoping the species would be more cold-hardy. But maybe now that we have been officially upgraded to zone 6a . . .

And then there is GI Joe, who has been begging for a place in this blog. 

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