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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mimosa in Michigan

Isn't the mimosa a plant of the deep south? Well, it's close to 100 degrees today, and there's one of them in full flower on West Liberty. Kind of cool to see it here. This Asian species is a popular tree in the southern states, due to its ferny foliage and attractive flowers. It also one of those pesty things that seeds itself along roadsides and in disturbed sites at every opportunity. You might even call it a kind of biological pollution. But I'm staying away from terms such as 'unwanted introduced alien' -- too politically loaded.


  1. Just noticed the Mimosa tree for the first time at the Toledo Zoo and fell in love. I didn't know the variety but met a lady 2 days later who has one in her yard and told me what it was. I live in the Detroit area. From the little I read, these are not a northern tree, but she has grown several that have flourished in our area. I would like to buy one that's several years old. Does anyone have advice on a nursery in Michigan that sells them and any planting advice would be nice too.

    Thanks Valerie

  2. Mimosa is very beautiful at the time of flowering and therefore it is worth paying attention to this plant in your garden and enjoying the beauty.

  3. I got a small seedling from NC. About 8 years ago, while it had died back for the first 3 years,it has grown into what I would call a " TREE BUSH" it's very tall with many leads and appears to no longer be bothered by winters here in southwest Michigan.