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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yet another last jack of the season

I stumbled upon this Arisaema ("jack-in-the-pulpit") while weeding perennial beds this afternoon. Unless I'm mistaken, it was 10 years ago that I grew it from seed and let is loose in the garden with a little pat on its behind, 'Good luck, son.'  It's Arisaema flavum, hardly the showiest of the bunch, despite that the top of the inflorescence is yellow. One source tells me it's from China and Yemen, but a search in the infallible Wikipedia tells me it is endemic to Ethiopia where it is eaten during times of famine: "It is preferred to other species of Arisaema due to its relatively acceptable taste, can be prepared within a short time, and is less perishable. But all varieties must be crushed and dried prior to further preparation. The dried parts are then ground to powder, which is mixed with water and cooked like maize for approximately 30 minutes."

I'll never look at this diminutive species the same.  


  1. I don't really like this plant. But I do know those people which like it a lot. I think that it should depend on what would you like to see in your place.

  2. I am not a gardener, but I must admit that this plant does not smell good enough. Therefore, it is not my preferred plant.

  3. I'm a good judge of garden plants, but I have never seen such a plant in any garden store.

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