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Saturday, June 11, 2011

One strange maple tree

I saw this unusual maple tree today when checking out the annual garden tour organized by the Ann Arbor chapter of the Women's National Farm and Garden Club. A thing of beauty? I report, you decide. If I recall correctly, the label said 'Alaskan Sunset.' I can't tell what species it is.  Speaking of maples, have any of you readers ever grown the western vine maple (Acer circinatum). I bought one a couple year ago at the Farmers Market in Dexter but it doesn't like my dry soil. Perhaps you would like to take it from me and give it a better home?

I also recently ran into an exceptionally beautiful and perfectly-placed paper-bark maple (Acer griseum) at someone's home off Wagner Rd near Miller. Behind it in the photo, off to the right, is a tri-color beech.

Nothing much to report otherwise. The mosquitoes around my house hardly allow me time to get to my truck much less observe what's flowering and what's expiring. 

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  1. A reader has identified the maple as a cultivar of sycamore maple: Acer pseudoplatanus 'Esk Sunset,' available here: