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Monday, June 20, 2011

Another ash tree update

I saw this h-u-g-e white ash outside Detroit yesterday. It's very unlikely it has been getting treated -- no evidence of trunk injections, and it's too big for other methods to be practical. So . . another promising sign of ash's eventual return?

The emerald ash borer is not gone, unfortunately -- it is thriving in areas where the pickings are better. Michigan Extension reports that ashes in southwest Michigan are taking a hit this year. But I've been keeping a close eye out for flying borer adults in our area, and I haven't see a one. Ash regeneration in parks and along roadsides is impressive.

I should add: ash trees will return (as will elms). The issue is whether this will happen in a geological or evolutionary time-frame, or whether this will happen in a time-frame more relevant to humans.

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