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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rock garden gaywings

If you enjoy looking at flowers in the woods up north, you've likely run into Polygala paucifolia, a dimunitive species commonly known as fringed polygala or gaywings. Way cute, it is. I brought a piece of it back home once, and it flowered a couple times then fizzled out in my dry soil.

Apparently more amenable to cultivation is a species good for a rock garden setting, Polygala chamaebuxus. In this photo from my garden it is growing under, through and around chunks of tufa. With it woody roots/rhizomes, it is unfortunately quite unmanageable (it's a 'subshrub' -- see previous post re. forget-me-nots). If you want to try growing it, search for the species on-line and you'll see some beautiful forms grown and sold by Bob Stewart at Arrowhead Alpines in Fowlerville. Speaking of which . . it's a great time of year for a Saturday road trip to his place and to Gee Farms outside Stockbridge. Between those two places, you can get any plant you might dream of. Feel free to e-mail me for directions.

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