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Friday, May 13, 2011

Love and death

Daphne arbuscula
Pulling weeds after a long day of work. Sweet perfume from the little Daphne nearby permeates the air. Yes, I'll overlook the balding spot in the middle of the clump. Grab my camera, make sure to shoot from a low angle.

Something in the air suddenly isn't right. Something stinky and foul. The fragrance of the Daphne is not enough to cover up the smell of  decaying roadkill.

But I'm really not fooled this time. It's that stinking Arum with the purple spathe. The first time I experienced it Robin and I were, shall we say, 'concerned.' We thought some animal had been hit by a car and had wandered into the garden to die. I was sure I would soon discover some corpse about to explode into putrescence.

Why would I grow this? I don't know, but it's annoying when you waste 15 minutes trying to relocate the fresh gin-and-tonic you set into the foliage somewhere.

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