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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Horsechestnuts and buckeyes in living color

Aesculus hippocastanum, horsechestnut
Take the common European horsechestnut and cross is with the diminutive American red buckeye, and you get . . . the red horsechestnut, which is now (I've read) one of the most popular plants in Germany.

European members of this group are called horsechestnuts. American members are buckeyes. There's nothing particularly 'Ohio' about buckeyes, so get over it. In fact there is even less that is 'Michigan' about wolverines -- they aren't even native to the state.

A. pavia, red buckeye
You can find horsechestnut on most any block in Ann Arbor. The red buckeye I found along Broadway. The hybrid makes a splash at the corner of State and Washington and down the block to the west.

A. x carnea, red horsechestnut

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