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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A few species for a woodland garden

I'm posting pictures of these two species primarily so that I have a record of their identity. And you might like them. 

The plant on the left with the cheery flowers and lime-green foliage is the diminutive Corydalis buschii. Forgetting its identity, I flipped through a book about the genus, and there is was. The text even mentioned it had been introduced into cultivation by the Latvian bulb expert Janis Ruksans -- the very person from whom I purchased it. You can e-mail him at and request his amazing catalog. Timber Press published his book Buried Treasures: Finding and Growing the World's Choicest Bulbs in 2007.

I acquired Iris henryi from Garden Vision Epimediums, along with a variety pack of choice epimediums.  I recall that founder Darrell Probst had announced he would be closing the mail-order nursery, but I just received a new catalog last week. Rather than close shop, Darrell turned the business over to his partner, and she is continuing with the great service.

I have only managed to eke out a few flowers from the large clump of grassy leaves. I will split it and move it around to find out what suits it.


  1. hi is your garden open to visitors?

  2. Hi Guerin,
    The Iris odaesanensis seems to need to be a clump of about 8" in diameter at the base before it will flower heavily. If it is in full shade, more sun might help it have more flowers. Hope this helps.
    Best wishes,

  3. Ps... I realize you wrote that it is Iris henryi, but your photo is of the white flowered plant of another species we sold named Iris odaesanensis Chuwangsan #3. - D