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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Epimediums are easy to grow (tough to photograph)

I have a score or two of epimediums (barrenworts) in my garden, but given their smallish flowers I've found it hard to capture them on 'film' in a way that does them justice. But here's a couple pictures. Someday I'll try to sort out the names.  There are 180 or so selections available from Garden Vision Epimediums, including many species that are largely unknown and available only from them. There are no members of the Epimedium genus native to our hemisphere. The closest thing we have are a couple species of Vancouveria from the west coast. I've planted both. One died immediately, and the other won't go away despite much effort on my part (it runs too much and gets badly tangled in other plants). All the epimediums I know are well behaved, and most very easy to grow.

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