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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Draba sp. growing in tufa

Draba dedeana
When I had more time and ambition I tried growing hundreds of plant species from seed that I received from seed exchanges and other sources. The genus Draba was one of the most satisfying in terms of ease of germination, growing-on, and flowering (actually it was a tie between Draba and Penstemon). Most of the many Draba species are good subjects for sunny rock gardens, and some work in more open gardens.

For good photos of Draba, I contacted Tony Reznicek, whose small lot off Pontiac Trail hosts more botanical genetic diversity per square foot than anywhere else on the planet. He also takes excellent photographs (all of which were shot within the last few days).

The final (modest) photo is my own, of Draba sibirica. Unlike the others, it is not a clump-former. In my garden it has lasted for more than a decade, slowly spreading horizontally without a care in the world.

Draba bryoides

Draba sibirica

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