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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Suspected blue grosbeak (close but no cigar)

There have been only a dozen or so confirmed sightings of the blue grosbeak in Michigan -- and only one in Washtenaw County -- but a friend of mine was able to take this picture from her upstairs window in Chelsea two days ago. The only other species it could possible be would be the indigo bunting, but my friend knows the buntings, and she says this was no bunting. We await to hear from the authorities if this will be listed as a confirmed sighting of a blue grosbeak.

Ann Arbor city ornithologist Dea Armstrong reports back: "The bird in the photo is an Indigo Bunting. Blue Grosbeaks have a more powder blue color than the vibrant blue of Indigo Buntings but the real separating detail are the distinct brown wing bars of the Blue Grosbeak. This photo shows the Indigo Bunting dark wings (no wing bars) and dark around the bill that is so characteristic of Indigo Buntings. I have a link for a website that shows photos of both birds: "

Oh darn!

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