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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rock-gardening is a misnomer

Hymenoxys herbacea, the GLC-NARGS mascot
It's not about rocks. It's about plants -- plants of smallish stature that would look at home if placed amongst rocks. Rocks themselves are not required.

A 'rock-gardener' is typically a true plant and garden buff whose interests will invariably extend to plants of bogs, fens, woodlands, alvars, mountains, dunes, you-name-it.

My point: if you live in southern Michigan and really want to learn about the world of plants, you should get connected with these people. To do that you should fork out the $10 annual dues and join the Great Lakes Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society (address below). I will personally refund your money if you feel your money was misspent.

The spring meeting of the GLC of the NARGS is scheduled for Saturday, April 23, to be held at the Hamburg Senior Community Center at 11:00. Guest speaker is Chris Chadwell, a world expert on the plants of the Himalayas, an area he first visited in 1980 as a botanist on an expedition with Southampton University (U.K.). Chris will speak on "Beautiful Alpines of Kashmir" and "Growing Himalayan Rock Garden Plants." His two talks will be interrupted by a catered lunch.

You can send your membership dues to Susan Reznicek, treasurer GLC-NARGS, 890 Wickfield Ct, Ann Arbor, MI 48105-1227. Or you can pay at the meeting. But I do suggest you get in contact with her, or with me, prior to the meeting so that they might know how many people to expect.

-- Guerin, past president GLC-NARGS

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