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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Identifying warblers

Northern parula (photo by Giff Beaton)
We've seen a spattering of migrating warblers over the last two weeks -- yellow-rumps, pine warblers, the occasional black-and-white -- but the large mass of them is yet to pass through. Prime time for bird watchers is just getting rolling.

The resources available to dedicated birders these days are phenomenal. There are daily reports being filed from stations further south. The location of rarities is documented and shared with a large on-line community. And experts share their hard-earned knowledge at sites such as

This is a really helpful resource for anyone who is learning how to sort out the many warblers that nest in or pass through our area. Many pictures, many tips for sorting out look-alikes. Good stuff! At least one person on-line said she accesses it in the field on her i-Phone.

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