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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Global ReLeaf sponsors tree sale; order deadline April 15

I helped deliver some of the plant materials for Global ReLeaf's tree sale last year, and they were top quality, with tremendous masses of fibrous roots. Maples, birches, elms, swamp white oak, tulip-trees, crabs, and whatever a 'mayday tree' is go for $32 each. They are bare-root, 4-6'. Other specialty trees sell for $50. Many wonderful shrub selections: $18. Conifers: $20. Bare-root is a great way to move plants, in many essential respects preferable to burlap.

The deadline for ordering plants is April 15. Pick-up date is April 30 at Fraleigh's Nursery on Jackson Rd in Dexter. Your purchases also contribute to a good cause. Global ReLeaf of Michigan, a state wide non-profit organization, has been working with community groups throughout the state for 23 years to plant trees on public property. Over 25,000 trees have been planted with 350 community organizations. For information, go to


  1. I bought two shrubs from them last year and they were great.

  2. Thanks from all of us at Global ReLeaf of Michigan for sharing the word and to Susan for her comment.