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Sunday, March 20, 2011

More about cyclamens

Cyclamens make wonderful early-flowering garden plants in Michigan. Here's a picture of another one from my garden as it appeared this weekend. It's growing in half-shade in sandy, droughty soil. I've done nothing special to care for it, and this year it didn't even benefit from a cover of mulch -- although it helped that there was a good snow cover. One winter, one particularly long cold winter more than 10 years ago, all my cyclamens rotted and I had to purchase some replacements. On a plus side, they gently seed around by themselves in the garden, and gathered seed will readily germinate indoors.

I've heard some authorities recommend that the bulbs be planted deep, 12" or more, but I haven't followed that advice. But nor have a I tried any species other than the common spring-flowering Cyclamen coum and the fall-flowering C. heterophyllum.

As is the case with the Arums, the cyclamens are summer dormant, which is not uncommon for plants adapted to a Mediterranean climate.

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