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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Heads-Up for Viburnum Fans

photo by Paul Weston, Cornell University
Last summer I identified and collected a specimen of the Viburnum leaf beetle from some badly defoliated arrowwood viburnums near Arborland. One of the arborists at GreenStreet Tree Care, who used to work in the northeast U.S., tells me that this insect is a major pest there, making it impossible to grow healthy-looking viburnums in the landscape without the use of insecticides. I don't believe that many specimens of the insect have been found in Michigan. The identity of my find was confirmed by entomologists at Michigan State. Keep an eye on your viburnums. The insect won't kill plants outright but can make a mess of them by eating up the foliage.


  1. Major bummer! I love viburnums.

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