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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Snakebarks in winter

Now that all the leaves have fallen from this street-side snake-bark maple on Brooks Street, it's possible to appreciate its unique beauty. There are a number of Asian snake-bark species, but only one native to the US -- Acer pensylvanicum, known as moosewood or striped maple. Our native species has a clumsy form and thus does not generally make for a beautiful ornamental. Some of the Asian species (Acer tegmentosum is my favorite) are outstanding. I haven't tried to determine the identity of the Brooks Street specimen, but I presume it was planted by the home's former owner Charlene Harris, who is very active in the Chelsea Area Garden Club and the American Conifer Society.

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  1. Charlene Harris reports that this tree is Acer "White Tigress", which is a selection of the species A. tomentosum. It was purchased from Brotzman Nursery ( in the early '90s.