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Saturday, November 13, 2010

More fruit of the season

Some cultures relish this "fruit."  I don't know how they prepare it, because the fleshy seeds of Ginkgo biloba (technically not a fruiting plant) smell foul. That's why male specimens are preferred in the landscape, and pedestrians give the females a wide berth at this time of year.
        You should be able to collect lots of "fruit"  now under the male specimens along Harbrooke on Ann Arbor's west side. Discover their culinary uses, then get back to me, would ya.
        Update: Tony Reznicek at the U-M Herbarium writes that it is the “nut” inside the smelly fruit that is eaten, roasted. "It’s quite tasty and there are large-fruited selections grown in orchards in China – and the nuts are sold at Oriental groceries around here."

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