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Monday, October 25, 2010

Evergreen soloman's seals

If you have a woodland garden and like to grow the so-called wood-lilies, the 'evergreen soloman's seal' (Disporopsis pernyi) is one you should seek out. It manages fine in my dry sandy soil, and no doubt it would do even better in a proper medium. This picture was taken just yesterday (Oct 25), long after its relatives have gone underground. I have another patch that spends the summer hidden under a patch of lanky cimicifugas. It's a nice surprise to find it again when I clean up the garden in the fall. This plant stays green and attractive until mid-winter. It bears pleasant white pendulous lanterns in the leaf-axils in spring.

       I've lost records about this second evergreen wood-lily. It's not as vigorous a grower in my lousy soil. It's been suggested that it is Disporopsis arisanensis, which makes sense -- that species was sold by Heronswood Nursery, where I once bought many unusual garden plants. Has anyone had experience with them lately?

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